Welcome to the first blog post from LM Towton, the exits are here, here, here and…here. We are the hive mind of Lauren Towers and Michelle Sutton; writing partners, friends and general nutcases and we’re here to save the world… I mean write books.

So, now introductions are out of the way, what is this blog actually for? Well, in a nutshell, it will consist of regular small posts about our writing… namely, detailing the progress of the books; and other projects; we are working on (as well as the odd random subject, event or possibly sarcastic musing).

We as a pair of writers, will be working on our first two novels, both on the fantasy side of the street, throughout this next year and hopefully editing, re editing and then getting to the stage where we’re published by the end of 2011 (we can be optimists sometimes) – so I can work part time at the bank, I can’t name or they’ll sack me, and Michelle can afford ‘the list’.

To help us to (hopefully) achieve this and make sure we don’t procrastinate too much, we will be compiling weekly writing plans with the aim of writing 10 – 12,000 words a week. This is mainly worked around Loz’s work schedule, as mine is not really fixed, due to being freelance.
Daily, we will write a small post about how the day went, but, on a Sunday we will bore you with a review of the entire week and news on whether we reached our goal.

For future reference I (Lauren) am Loz and Michelle may well be referred to as Jed, or derivations thereof. It’s habit, ignore and substitute as required. If confused remember this distinction… Loz is the one that sleeps.

And that, is pretty much it. We have introduced ourselves and our blog, but please don’t judge us too much on the first post… first posts are generally bad (at least, they are in my experience).


2 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. ROFL! Es here. Jed gave me this link and I had to both read and reply.

    First, I *love* how you came up with your combination-name and got a huge giggle out of remembering that Loz is the one who sleeps…

    I’m also impressed with the goals you’ve set for yourself and am anxious to find out if you did indeed succeed.

    Although what I *really* want to do is read the A-F challenge…especially that “F is for Fanfiction” one… Hmmm… I wonder why…

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