Four Years in the Making…

This is joint blog post number two. I notice on our personal posts we have both been a wee bit emo, so we’re gonna attempt to be slightly more factual with this. Today, and for the rest of this week, and beyond, we’ll be talking about our first book. Our baby, ‘Emissaries’.

This book started as nothing much, a little bit of fun, but over the course of four years it has become a second life for us, in a way. The characters in it have claimed at least part of our collective minds and thank you god of creativity for them.

The fact that four years have passed and this world; which started with two characters that were made to support others, rather than be the leads (clearly they had other plans); is still fresh and persistent in its need to be written, proves, at least to us, that it can’t be a bad idea to write it up into the form of a novel…or few. Right?


2 thoughts on “Four Years in the Making…

  1. Hehehe! Got a giggle out of “Emissaries”, especially two characters who weren’t supposed to be leads but had plans of their own…oh, do I know how that can be!

    Four years in the making…now I don’t feel so bad about how little my friends and I have done with our virtual series!

    Best of luck with it…I do hope you finish it soon. I’d love yours to be the third e-book published by friends I know…Scifi had the first with her Civil War story; Lexi had the second with her “Pinky Promises”,…I’d love “Emissaries” to be the third…

    • Getting published would be nice. We’ll be going the hard slog of the ‘traditional’ way though… so as soon as we have a polished manuscript, out to agents it will go O_O (for it’s first round of rejections)

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