So…How Do Two People Living in Different Parts of the Country Write Together Every Day?

OK, so yesterday’s joint post was missed (due to illness and falling asleep without meaning to), and our last one talked about our first book – but that raises the question… How do two people who don’t even live in the same county spend time every day writing the same book? Two simple answers, a shared mind and googledocs.

For those who don’t know, Google Documents (or googledocs or even just gdocs) is an online office suite. It allows you to create word documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms. You can also upload files on your computer into your account (this also includes images) so you can access them from other computers, and it also makes for handy data storage.
But one of the best parts of gdocs, is you can share your documents with others and allow them to edit them as well.

It also allows you to back track through saved changes if something goes horrifically wrong, allows other people to watch you work and read it; without the ability to alter it; and it has become a godsend for us and people like us.

Like everything, it has its issues… Occasionally it will freeze or not want to save something you’ve written but for the most part it works smoothly. The point is, we would not be able to (at least not easily and without a lot of travel or sending files back and forth via email) write together as frequently as we do.

Finally it is free, secure and easy to use… I (Loz) had to be talked through getting a wordpress blog by Michelle,  and I can use gdocs very easily – which means a trained dog could do it…and not even a well trained dog.


2 thoughts on “So…How Do Two People Living in Different Parts of the Country Write Together Every Day?

  1. Had to say that my friend Silverstar introduced our group to gdocs and it is indeed a godsend. She uses it for college projects (she’s going after her master’s) and it’s amazing. Just wish we could figure out how to make it not save stuff so often…it really slows stuff down.

    And here I thought you guys did all of your writing via message boards and IMs…

    Of course, for what you’re doing, what must be the nicest thing about gdocs is the word count…

    • We still write some stuff via IMs and/or texts, but everything ends up on gdocs at some point. It just makes it a hell of a lot easier to write and you know it’s stored properly (and is easy to download for backing-up purposes) rather than in a chat log that you have to trawl through and remember to save or have it lost forever (which has happened).

      Yeah, it drives us insane when it plays up but for the most part, it’s brilliant to have.

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