Of Missed Posts and Plan Changes…

Yesterday (by that I mean Sunday, as I’m writing this at the wrong side of midnight for Monday), we failed to post again. It wasn’t on purpose, it was just that a lot was happening and we got into a mad little writing session… which resulted in it being too late to post an entry.

Sunday was supposed to be our round up of our writing week and whether we reached our goal of 10-12,000 words. We haven’t actually added it all up yet but we’ve written three chapters and a prologue, so it definitely wasn’t a wasted week.

Today (by that I mean Monday, despite it technically being Tuesday), we were originally going to switch to one of our other WIPs but as we seem to have hit the ‘zone’ for ‘Emissaries’ we’ve decided to stick with it a bit longer.

We promise that we’ll be better with our posts from now on. In the mean time, any comments or suggestions on what you would like us to write a post about please feel free to let us know 🙂


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