Back to the Blog

2011 had started well enough. We launched our blog; got about 35k written for our first novel… and then it all went downhill. We won’t bore you with the details, nor will this be a very long post. 

Today, we signed up to the Blogging from A-Z Challenge. We’re hoping that this will: 

1. help us get back into the habit of regular blogging 

2. provide readers with some (maybe) interesting posts

3. be fun

 Officially, the challenge starts tomorrow. Hopefully nothing will crop up to cause a ‘blog blackout’ again.


3 thoughts on “Back to the Blog

  1. 😦 Sorry to hear that there was a blog blackout and more sorry to see that perhaps Emissaries also went into hiatus. But since the Challenge is what piqued my curiosity in the first place, I’m excited about reading it…,

    • Just the dreaded RL and ‘day jobs’ getting in the way. Emissaries actually didn’t end up on hiatus (it never has) – OK, so we weren’t adding anything to the first book manuscript but we are always (we do mean always) adding new content and ideas to the story as a whole. It’s just a matter of both having the time to write the darn thing up into book form.

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