A is for April

Or perhaps it is for April Fools, considering our decision to join the A-Z Challenge. You’re probably wondering a couple of fairly pertinent questions: Number one, why on earth are we doing this? Number two, why do we keep saying we? And number three, do we have a theme for the challenge?

The answers to the first two questions can be found in previous blog posts. ‘Back to Blog’ gave a brief outline of why we signed up, while, our ‘About’ page and ‘Introductions’ (our very first post) addresses the fact that there are two people writing all this.

Number three will be answered here. Theme is a very strong word and after much deliberation, not that much, we’re choosing to write about ourselves, our writing, our motivations and ideas. This should help us to kick ourselves up the collective bum, as at least one of us seems to be mad busy at all times and it makes things awkward.

So, April has began. The challenge is officially underway and tomorrow’s post will, hopefully, be far more interesting.


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