B is for Balancers

‘The Balancers’ is the title of one of our many works in progress (WIP). It is a paranormal, or supernatural, series about a group known as the Balancers (bet you didn’t see that coming eh?). Because this is a WIP and at least one of us is a paranoid sod don’t expect us to go into too much detail – and that goes for the majority of posts about our work.

What we will tell you is, ‘The Balancers’ involves and deals with some of the following:
– Vampires
– Weres (not always the wolfy kind)
– Ghosts
– A grumpy stressed, very stressed, Italian
– London

In our collective head, we have a planned vision of a main trilogy, plus three ‘origins’ stories for specific characters. This is, of course, all subject to change if creativity and muses decide that there is more to tell. But we have started writing up the first part of the planned trilogy, along with numerous ideas and scenes for the later books. Which all means, there will be a manuscript, or six, ready to fly out in the (we hope) near future.


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