C is for Cornwall

Home of the Eden Project, Land’s End, Jamaica Inn, Tintagel and the ‘Beast of Bodmin’ – to list but a few – Cornwall is one of those places of immense beauty and wonder. Not to mention intriguing with its superstitions and folklore. .

The county and places within it have inspired many a tale for writers. Writers such as Arthur Conan Doyle and, especially, Daphne du Maurier. It has even inspired us. Our most recent idea has a Cornish setting and, in particular, it’s the county’s myths, legends and folklore that has got the creativity juices flowing anew. And Cornwall certainly has its share. From Tintagel’s links to Arthurian Legend to tales of giants, and other fantastical creatures such as, piskies, mermaids and knockers. As well as the aforementioned ‘Beast of Bodmin’.

Our new WIP takes some of these Cornish myths and folklore and combines it with more modern and comical twists, such as, an alcoholic seer. How do you sort out your weekly shop with evil spirits hiding in corners? ‘Is it really the spirit of Bob Marley or am I just stoned?’ Can a guy and a girl ever be just friends, even if they can’t touch? And why are lodgers never just boring lodgers?

And that’s all you’re getting, tell your publisher and remember…the seer sees all!

*Photo ‘Crantock, Cornwall’ © Michelle Sutton 


6 thoughts on “C is for Cornwall

  1. Love Cornwall – I love that it seems to have a sense of adventure. I’ve visited a few times and have enjoyed exploring the coast.

  2. Lovely picture indeed. I wasn’t that interested in The Balancers (if that’s the WIP this one is talking about) before, but seeing what it’s based on, I’m getting curious…

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