E is for Emissaries

‘Emissaries’ has been mentioned a few times in past posts. It is, what we consider, our first novel and our ‘pride and joy’. It was our first real joint idea and is largely (if not wholly) responsible for the creation of L.M. Towton and our pursuit of a writing career.

To give some background; the two main characters were first created as supports for others. As time went by they became more and more prominent (and almost demanding) with new layers constantly being added to each of them, that it became obvious to us that they would much rather be leads than supports.

They have become almost…in fact…scratch almost, they have become little beings of their own. They seem to do and say things we don’t actually want them to, and more than once I have cried for my (Loz’s, Michelle doesn’t do tears) half of the pairings’ pain.

Cut to almost five years later, and these two now have their own series in the works. With over 30k words written for book one and the basic plots planned out for the next… Oh… six? It’s safe to say ‘Emissaries’ is our primary WIP.


10 thoughts on “E is for Emissaries

    • It is amazing how attached you get to them sometimes. The characters we’re referring to here, seem to be so alive to us that half the time we feel like we’re talking about real people (as opposed to the made-up ones living in our heads).

    • Thanks, Baggy.

      I don’t tend to say much on TB about it all, I think I’d just bore everyone because of how often we write. May start mentioning things more… who knows.

      ~ M ~

  1. YAY! So glad to hear that Emmissaries hasn’t died yet; the way you wrote in a previous blog, I thought they had.

    So one of you does one character and one the other? Like a Role Playing Game without being a Role Playing Game? A friend and I tried doing that once and it didn’t quite work, just because I grew too impatient waiting for her to add a piece. (My favorite prayer is God, grant me patience RIGHT NOW!).

    So I’m very impressed that you guys have done so much with these characters!

    Loz, sometimes my characters make me cry, too. And a lot of times Jed’s characters make me cry!

    • Remove that ‘yet’, Es 😛
      Nah, it certainly hasn’t died, in fact, it’s grown.

      Yes, to the basic level yes. We also handle (or share) different support and minor characters too. More on that when we reach letter ‘R’ 😉

      It’s cause the characters are so loud and want to have their story written up, no matter what.

      ~ M ~

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