F is for Fanfiction

In case you didn’t know, ‘Fanfiction’ is fiction written by fans of a particular film, TV show or book. It’s a somewhat controversial subject, with some authors encouraging fanfiction for their work, while others publicly voice their objections towards it.

Whether you think it’s a good or a bad thing, we’ve probably all been ‘guilty’ of something like fanfiction at some point in our life. Not necessarily writing it up and putting it up on the internet for other fans to read, but as children. How many times did you make up a story with your favourite character action figures (or whatever other appropriate name for them there is)? How many times did you correct a parent, sibling or other family member about the ‘canon’ of what your favourite can or can’t, would or wouldn’t do, while playing? Some of us just take it a step further as we get older and write down those stories – some don’t ever see the light of day but others might find their way online for someone to stumble across.

Well, that’s pretty much where we started. We as a pair tend to sink into ‘Doctor Who’; though the Loz part of the team has also tried on ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, ‘Angel’, ‘The Dresden Files’, ‘Casualty’, ‘Charmed’ and ‘Criminal Minds’, and Michelle began with ‘The Magnificent Seven’ and ‘Charmed’.

We feel that fanfic gives us an excuse to play around with our inner writers and we would be pretty flattered if our work ever got ‘ficced’, as long as no profit was made from it. Though, as we write this, we have just shuddered at the idea of what some people might do to our babies – mainly involving ‘ships’ – so…


8 thoughts on “F is for Fanfiction

    • I’m sure you’re not, Liz. Although, I once tried to write a story from Enid Blyton’s ‘Adventure Series’ when I was about ten.. I think.

      Star Trek is pretty much the one that started ‘Fanfiction’ as it is today.

      ~ M ~

  1. Naturally I thoroughly enjoyed this, since it was reading Charmed fanfiction that first introduced me to you two. In fact, I’m still waiting for Jed to finish her Gemstones! trilogy…it’s easily one of the most popular series at our site…

    AND wasn’t it Gemstones! that got you to first try entering fiction contests, Jed? I remember helping you try to turn that Charmed fic into a generic fic…

    I definitely hope you guys finish this challenge, because I have definitely enjoyed reading your entries!

    • I’m not sure if that’ll ever get finished, Es. But who knows, maybe one day my brain will ping and want me to *shrugs*

      It wasn’t the first, but yes, I did adapt it to an original fantasy story to try entering into a competition. It’s been shelved for a bit, while I focus on my Sci-Fi series and both of us on ‘Emissaries’ and some of our other WIPs.

      Oh we will… I’m sure. We have a good number of the letters already titled up, so we at least know where we’re going with them. Glad you’re enjoying the posts.

      ~ M ~

      • 😦 DIsappointed that you’re not planning on finishing Gemstones! any time soon, but I understand.

        Think you could ever do a plotline to show what would’ve happened in the last story? We’re thinking about doing that for our virtual series so we don’t leave our readers hanging. (Hint..hint..hint!)

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