G is for Geography

We have mentioned geography before in the pre A-Z blogs, but in case you haven’t read our earlier blogs, we live a hell of a distance apart – nearly 150 miles in fact. Which in the age of the Internet doesn’t sound like much, but to write together every day; know each other fantastically and to be able to tell, via instant messaging, based on one word, that the other is having a bad day, is kind of a big deal. We send Christmas and birthday gifts and have met and intend to do so again soon


The thing is, even though we ‘speak’ to each other everyday, it would still be nice to be able to meet up more. To have a proper writing session, or just a chat, without a computer screen in the way or having to type. And that’s when geography can be a real pain in the arse. Two – three hour train rides don’t seem like a lot but by the time you’ve taken the journey time out of the day, it doesn’t make for a very long visit.

The Internet is great for finding like-minded friends without having to worry about where they live, but when you want to actually meet up with said friends in the ‘real world’, geography makes it difficult. It could be worse though… at least we live in the same country. Which would be a nod to our friend Bella…I think we might have prattled too much in this post


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