J is for Juggling

If you haven’t noticed already, we have quite a lot of novels in progress (aka WIPs). We also have an abundance of ideas and characters that lack a concrete writing project – until we sort them out, of course. Add work, solo projects, higher education and what ever else crops up in life to claim us, getting around to actually working on said WIPs takes a good deal of juggling.

For the majority of our writing sessions, we work on (probably) three or four WIPs at a time. These are usually scene ideas ‘pinged’ back and forth in a loose script format – with a few exceptions written in prose format.

However, the times we get to have more than a few hours together to write, we pick one or two (at the moment, it’s ‘Emissaries‘ and probably ‘Balancers‘ as well) to work on properly. By that we mean working on the actual manuscript.

The only real problem is by the time we get to work on something, we have thought up more ideas to add to the already rather long list.


4 thoughts on “J is for Juggling

  1. There are a few of us out there today writing about juggling, a common life theme that crosses gender, socio-economic, education, etc. lines.

  2. I know exactly what you mean about juggling. And, at least in my writing, it seems like I come up with ideas faster than I can find time to write them.

    Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding

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