L is for L.M. Towton

When we decided to give this writing lark a serious go, we first opted to use our solo writing names and shove an ‘&’ between them – thus declaring the collaboration openly. As we started to write more and more together, however, we came to realise that there wouldn’t just be one or two novels written together. This led to our decision to use a joint pseudonym. Plus there are studies that the demographic we are choosing to target are said to react badly to openly female names – i.e. the reason for the use of J.K Rowling.

We came up with a few ideas for a pseudonym, eventually settling on a combination of our names. L & M are the first initials of our first names, while ‘Towton’ consists of the first three letters of one surname and the last three of the other. Coincidentally, ‘Towton’ is a small Yorkshire village famous for the ‘Battle of Towton’, part of the ‘War of the Roses’ – “the largest and bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil” – which considering some of the things we write, seemed appropriate enough.

We’re possibly slightly unusual in the sense that we’re only using the name to unify ourselves, we have no issue of telling people that we are two separate people, of the female persuasion and can imagine being listed as separate, slightly depressing people on our book sleeves. It’s just that we feel the single name will make readers more inclined to pick our books up (once we finish them, of course).


One thought on “L is for L.M. Towton

  1. How wonderful to meet other joint writers. My partner and I have finished four books in a futuristic series. The first is due to be published next month. We met on the internet. Edith Parzefall lives in Germany and I, Francene Stanley, live in England. We use our original names for publication. We’ve sure enjoyed working together.


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