N is for Nanowrimo

National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) is an annual online-based writing project. It challenges participants to write 50,000 words of a new novel from the 1st – 30th of November. It doesn’t matter what you write or how fantastic it reads, the aim is to just write and write…and, well, write some more.

As a writing partnership, we have taken part in Nano once but we worked on two novels at the same time. 50,000 words would only be about the halfway point of our target word counts but we figured that the completion of Nano would give as a good start. Of course, our bid to complete it was unsuccessful, mainly because of our limited writing sessions. However, we may have been unsuccessful as we didn’t finish 50,000 words in a month but, the fact that we ended up getting a good portion of two WIPs’ first drafts written would show that it wasn’t entirely unsuccessful.

Nanowrimo is definitely a good idea to take part in, even if you aren’t a ‘winner’ by the end of the month you should still get a good portion of your book written and that it always a ‘win’ for a writer.


3 thoughts on “N is for Nanowrimo

  1. NaNo is my favorite writing event EVER (although this A-Z Challenge…very, very nice indeed). I’ve participated since 2003, and I really, really wish I had known about it four years earlier. As an ML for that event, I’ve found that being able to get together for write-ins and parties really have helped me and my writers get to that 50,000 word goal. Do you have any groups in your area?

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