P is for Paranormal

Anything that is beyond or contrary to what is deemed scientifically possible, and within the realms of the everyday ‘norm’ can be described as paranormal. There are thousands of stories relating to the paranormal or supernatural within popular culture, folklore and word-of-mouth recountings, and it remains an alluring subject and source of inspiration for many a writer. Which, of course, includes us.

When you consider the influences we mentioned in our previous post, it’s hardly surprising that we’ve wandered into the realms of the paranormal, and even less surprising, given its flexibility and level of escapism, that we’ve stayed there for many years. We like to keep our paranormal work grounded in the geography of existent places, most of which we’ve visited, i.e.Rome, Dublin and London.

We probably have five or six WIPs that fall into the paranormal and supernatural genre. Some like ‘Balancers’ centre around the ‘classic’ supernatural creatures, like vampires, werewolves and ghosts. Others delve into folklore and mythology, witches and seers. We even have a WIP where one of the main characters is a parapsychologist.

So really, ask us to do anything, anything at all except be ‘normal’ because we work on the idea that no one is.


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