S is for Shared Brain

Well, we do mention it at the top of the blog, but we figured we better tell you a little more. We have mentioned aspects of what we term ‘the shared brain’, as it heavily influences what we do. Over the course of the last nearly six years, we have become very close friends in fact I (Loz) do not hesitate to call Michelle one of my best friends (and vice versa), and as tends to happen with best friends, we often think along much the same lines. As far as writing is concerned it means that one of us comes up with an idea and before we’ve finished telling the other the whole thing, they already know exactly where the originator wanted it to go (God this is hard to tell in a non-confusing way.)

There are also times where one of us has come up with an idea, only for the other to confess to having the exact or similar idea – and, yes, this has happened on more than the odd occasion. The fact is, we find that we’re constantly on the same wavelength and very rarely disagree or dislike an idea the other comes up with. If we do have some issue or reservations about a specific idea we work and tweak it (sometimes playing it out ala ‘Knowing & Not Knowing‘) until we are both happy with the results.

So this is the answer to the question we have been asked before, ‘How does it work with two of you writing together?’ Easy, because, in terms of fiction, two people who can bounce off each other, but for the most part, one shared brain.


2 thoughts on “S is for Shared Brain

  1. Bouncing off other people, I very much enjoy doing this. It makes your creativity more creative… expands it by more than the power of the number of people participating. It;’s magic!

  2. Interesting- My best friend and I don’t connect like this on creative things, but in other ways. I’m trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month. My alphabet is at myqualityday.blogspot.com

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