T is for Therians

The term ‘therianthropy’ has been used as early as the end of the Victorian era to refer to animal transformation folklore. Although, it may have been used much earlier than that along with skin-walkers and shapeshifters in a lot of cultures’ mythologies. Sometimes the term is also used to refer to creatures that are part human and part something else; like centaurs, sphinxes or the Egyptian gods – though, this; with a ‘beast-head’, is more commonly referred to as ‘theriocephaly’. Both terms derive from the greek word for beast, therion.

‘Therians’, if you haven’t guessed, is another of our WIPs.  Our Therians, have the ability to shift forms at fixed and fluid points and is possibly our most focused love story. It wasn’t the plan when we started, but sometimes, the characters make their own decisions, as was the case with the central characters in this case. It may sound like a werewolf story but it is not, it’s something new, and that’s the fun bit.

*Picture ‘Therians icon‘ ~ © Michelle Sutton


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