V is for Variety

The majority of our writing falls into the ‘speculative’ branch of fiction, but even then, we don’t stay within the same area. Currently in the works, we have paranormal and supernatural, science fiction (including the sub-genre dystopia), fantasy (dark, traditional and modern takes) as well as the odd post-apocalyptic or survival novel. Speculative is our main ‘playground’ but we do like to dabble and try our hand at some other genres as well.

We also have some of our brain space taken up with a couple of crime ideas and a nice fluffy romance, which hell do we make them suffer for. We also have a piece of straight adventure quest fiction and have dabbled in scripts and young adult fiction. Yep, we’re busy and we’ve been working together forever.

Some people advise that writers use a pseudonym for each different genre they write in – if they choose to write in multiple ones. Right now, we are still writing everything as L.M. Towton but should we need to (or think it would be best to) we may end up writing under another name for some of our non-speculative fiction.


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