W is for Writers’ Talkback

Writers’ Talkback (TB) is the writing forum or message board of Writers’ Online  – ‘the Online home of Writers’ News and Writing Magazine’. At one time both of us were members but currently only I (Michelle, or Jediya as I am known over there) am a frequent ‘Talkbacker’ and a subscriber to the magazine.

A writer’s group is a good way of finding like-minded people that can provide advice, support and some helpful critique. However, if you can’t attend or find a nearby group to join then an online group, like TB, is certainly worth at least a look-see. As a forum, TB is free to join, well-established, friendly and there is usually someone lurking around ready to answer any queries – no matter how silly – that you may have. Members range from aspiring writers to published authors, as well editors. It doesn’t matter what genre you dabble in, or whether you write poetry, short stories, novels or non-fiction, they are all represented by at the very least one member, so you won’t be alone.

Since becoming an active member of TB and subscribing to Writing Magazine, I have found that not only has my writing improved but also that my confidence in it has. The abundance of advice and tips available through both are helpful to any aspiring writer.

The other plus point about participating in a writing forum is that the people you interact with don’t think you are, well, lets use the word ‘eccentric’. For example, just try to tell a non-writer (or non-creative person) something like, “my character’s decided they don’t like the name I’ve given them” or “I killed one of my characters today, I feel really guilty and upset now… was I wrong in killing them off?”. The likelihood is they will look at you as if you have two heads, whereas a fellow writer will most likely know exactly what you are going through.


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