X is for X Factor

Yes, we know we’re cheesy but X… is a bit of an XXXXer to find something for. We’ve chosen X Factor to try and explain why ‘Emissaries’ has always come first among our massive pile of WIPs. The answer is two-fold really, it is our oldest idea, our first-born plot bunny and has the largest corner of our shared brain, our strongest characters, our most developed story idea.

We believe that because it is what we consider our ‘X Factor’ idea, then it deserves our full attention. Which is why we are always working on it, no matter what, whenever we are writing. Despite how many ideas and other WIPs we have, we have the most confidence in the ‘Emissaries’ characters and their stories. Of course, we would love to see them in published form but to just have their stories in full manuscripts, right to the end, would at least appease the muses.


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