Y is for Young Adult

When we started writing seriously all our ideas for books were always aimed at adults. Writing Young Adult (YA) or Children’s fiction never once entered our minds, but when the BBC ran a scriptwriting competition to write a pilot episode for a new CBBC drama back in 2009, well, we thought ‘what the hell’ and gave it a shot.

Naturally, we went the fantasy root for developing our idea for a script, and with only a week to submit the finished 30 page product, it certainly proved a challenge. Within that week, we managed to create an entire new world with a mix of characters, each with a rough backstory worked out, and a plot that could span a series.

Of course, we didn’t win, nor were we shortlisted, but we could still take positives from the experience. When the BBC returned our script, we were pleased to note that it had been read past the first ten pages (their initial read through limit of all entries), which hinted that we had at least got the reader(s) hooked with our opening and held their attention for a while. Another positive is we finished a project in a short amount of time, thus proving to ourselves that we are indeed capable of such a feat.

Most important, however, is it left us with a brand new idea that we could (and will) adapt into a series of books, aimed at an audience we never considered writing for.


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