E is for Evil



– profoundly immoral and wicked

– (of a force or spirit) embodying or associated with the forces of the devi

– harmful or tending to harm

Don’t worry we’re not repeating ourselves…actually, we’re calling ourselves evil for some of the things we do to our characters or the situations. We have both written characters with histories of abuse, massive issues with trust and intimacy, and if we do give them close friends, we are sometimes inclined to kill them off – in a way that causes maximum grief.

Even when we are nice to our characters for a while, it’s only a matter of time before an evil idea pops into one of our heads, passes over to the other and before you know it, BAM! A support character’s turned over to the ‘other side’ and tries to kill one of the leads. Go figure. And the reason for that flip… we were evil to them too.

On a whole, we would say, don’t be afraid to be a little (or indeed a lot, if that’s your thing) evil to your characters. It keeps them on their toes. Muhahahaha-cough-


5 thoughts on “E is for Evil

    • I know. Sometimes it’s hard. We decided a long time ago to kill a certain character in one of our books and we grew rather attached to her. It was a sad moment for us, as well as for the characters it affected.

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