G is for Goals

This post is probably the one we all chose to write for G (or maybe Ghosts…or Goats, but each to their own), because like all aspiring writers, we want to be published, by someone else… we can’t afford to self publish… and occasionally be given the chance to sleep for the whole weekend. Fat chance if you have kids and/or pets.

All writers have goals, whether it be the ultimate goal (as above) or smaller ones like reaching your word count for the day or finishing Chapter 23 of your latest WIP. For us, personally, we have a few goals; other than getting published. We try to write a little bit of a few of our WIPs everyday. We don’t focus too heavily on word count goals. Writing something each day is enough for us and it means we’re not panicking about whether we will reach our target or not. We only do that in November.

Other than that, our main goal at the moment is to finish the first draft of ‘Emissaries’. Currently we are sitting at 85% done, which is making us, admittedly, rather excitable.

Another major goal certainly for me (Loz) is keeping the joy in writing which is why we try not to over target ourselves. Personally, I have a job and I don’t want the thing that’s kept me sane for the last ten years to become a second one… but, hey, if we could get it to pay that would be awesome.


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