J is for Jokes/Humour

Mostly because we’ve already used ‘H’ for heroes. We as a pair of writers, feel that it is impossible to write even the darkest story without at least a touch of humour. Even if it’s gallows humour. Mostly because if you consistently go too dark, it becomes depressing to read and gruelling to write. Plus, we like a bit of a giggle, we are after all, two women who watch ‘Miranda’ and wonder if it really would be that bad to make veggipals?

The absence of humour (in any form) within fiction – books, TV programmes, films, etc. – often seems odd, at least to us. In real-life, human beings have a habit to fall back on humour for a variety of reasons: to cheer someone up; keep someone at arm’s length or even to relieve a moment of tension or that awkward silence that falls between a group of people. People can make jokes at the most inappropriate of times and in poor taste. So, hearing a character make a joke when all hope seems lost and death is closing in, is actually a natural thing for someone to do.

Particularly to us, sarcasm (the lowest form of wit, we know,) but hell, whatcha gonna do? It’s our favourite, in both life and writing and it is often the one that is thrown about most naturally in normal conversation. Therefore likely to be the same in written conversations. After all, write what you know, and what makes you smile. The chances are if you do, other people may well smile too.


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