M is for Misfires


– A failure of a gun or missile to fire correctly or of fuel in an internal combustion engine to ignite.

Even though in our previous post we’ve talked about never losing a character or idea, some of them do stall or misfire, (geddit?). We’ve had a good few misfires in our time, we have been working together for far too long not to have any. One was incredibly detailed. It had maps, a history, laws… and nowhere to blooming go. Other misfires have been smaller, like an action from a specific character that caused all kinds of backlash that the story and its characters couldn’t recover from.

Despite these misfires, we haven’t given up. With plotlines that stall we track back to the point that it went astray and tweak or delete and go from there. The actual world idea has been filed away for when we have some time to work on it and maybe somewhere along the way a solid storyline and plot points will form to go with it.

We’re not daft, we know not every storyline has instant merit (we’re not Mills and Boon writers) but we try to keep everything stored away in our physical and mental filing cabinets, to see if any other ideas can connect to the stalled ones, or if the stalled ones can be shaped to fit into existing tales. A very long time ago, James and Ava nearly stalled, and now we wouldn’t be complete without them.


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