O is for Onward

OK so we know that onward may seem like an odd choice for O, but we like to be different. When we say ‘onward’ we mean the ability to move forward, never giving up no matter how much it feels like it might be easier not to do something you love.

We’ve all been there – in a place, in writing, or in life – where it seems a waste of time to continue with your endeavours. However, we would like to say, it’s always worth it. In life, or art, what you’re looking for or striving towards may not materialise in a day, or a week, or even a year, but what you’re striving for may evolve. You’ll never know if you don’t keep moving onward, safe in the knowledge that at some point it will be worth it.

Specifically, with writing it is easy to become disenchanted – especially if you focus too much on the slim possibilities of publication – or you just can’t seem to get that scene to progress where you want it to. For us, when we reach a portion of our manuscript that just seems to peter out or veer dangerously close to writers’ block, we simply leave a marker and move on to the next part of the story. The important thing is to keep going and actually finish that first draft. Getting bogged down on a single frustrating scene will not only slow you down but could even force you to stop altogether. Scenes can always be reworked or finished during the next drafts.

So say it with us now… 300 style… ONWARD!!


2 thoughts on “O is for Onward

  1. It’s not the first draft that’s bothering me this month – it’s the third, and the sinking feeling that if the agent doesn’t like it this time I can’t face another rewrite.

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