P is for Projects

Just to clarify, we don’t mean our major works in progress, but our side projects. Such as this one, or short story or excerpt competitions. So the question is why do we do it, when we have so much to do anyway?

The answer was actually pretty difficult to come up with. There are two answers we can come up with:

1. hopefully we will get valuable experience and helpful feedback from things we enter. Though to be honest, this is far rarer than I’m sure any of us who enter these things would like.

2. This is a major one for us – variety is the spice of life. We keep our major WIPs going almost constantly (as their grumpy stars give us very little choice) but we like to keep looking for other things too. Trying new genres and taking new challenges to prevent our main works becoming stale, and possibly to give us new ideas by encouraging us to approach things from different angles.

So, other than our novel WIPs, at the moment we have a few side projects (but are always on the look out for others that could catch our eyes). These are:

Blogging from A-Z Challenge (Of course ;))

Introducing Your Villain Competition

Nomads RPG

Derwent Art Prize (just Michelle’s, because Loz can’t draw)


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