Q is for Quiet

We’re splitting this one into two, because we had two thoughts that both fitted and one can often lead to the other.

The first quiet time is writers’ block. Those times when the ideas that flow through your head fall silent. It’s rare that this happens to either of us, and on the odd occasion it does we find it quite frightening.

When we do suffer from writers’ block, it’s usually because one or both of us is over-tired or ill. It’s rarely from a lack of ideas or inspiration, and when we do get blocked we either work on something else or we just jump ahead to a new scene (as mentioned in O is for Onward).

As luck would have it, we both know each other well enough to know when this is the case. Even though we mostly speak online, we can tell instantly when the other isn’t in the right frame of mind to write or simply need to talk.

The second quiet time, is the kind afforded by a break from writing. Though this is also very rare and again mostly afforded by illness or holidays, but can often give the brain time to return to firing on all cylinders.

Sometimes you do need break from writing, even if it’s just to get a bit of fresh air or to stretch your legs. Writing constantly, especially when working on the same piece, can even lead to writers’ block if not careful. So, maybe in order to avoid being plagued by the first, writers should make time for a little bit of the second.


One thought on “Q is for Quiet

  1. I’ve had both. I never call it a block because it really is only a hiccup while the brain sorts things out. The break – I had one of those last month when I went on a family visit. I am never without a book and pen, but not mush get done.

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