R is for Running Out of Ideas

For writers one of the biggest fears must be the prospect of running out of ideas. Publishers want writers who can produce more than one book and so there is pressure on them to constantly think up new things that can be used as an entirely fresh book or a sequel for a series.

A good way to get around this, is to pre-plan series’ of books, as we have. There is always the risk that the characters you create in a series can become dry and brittle as you attempt to wring too much from them, or you try to build new ones – instead of making something fresh and new, you simply repeat yourself, in plots and characters.

Maybe this is the reason we dabble in different genres, because perhaps this helps keep our ideas different enough from each other that we won’t fall into ‘dry and brittle’ or simply run out. Who knows, it hasn’t happened yet and, in fact, at the moment we are still coming up with new ideas even though we have a long list already, so hopefully, it won’t happen… or at least, not for a long while.

Do you worry about running out of ideas? If so, how do/would you stop this from happening?


4 thoughts on “R is for Running Out of Ideas

  1. No, what worries me is not being able to finish this one before the next idea takes over! I have a file of them, some for short stories, some for novels, and I’m stuck on a rewrite.

  2. My challenge isn’t running out of ideas, my problem is always that when I don’t have time to write, I have thousands of them coming at me. When I actually have time to sit down and put something together? Poof! Gone. I started carrying a notebook to catch the ideas, but sometimes my little fragments aren’t enough to remind me of the awesome idea I had three weeks ago.

    Hi from Nagzilla bloghopping A to Z

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