S is for Suspense

Horrified Businesswoman Looking at Laptop
No we’re not talking about a thriller, just this once we can say that isn’t a genre we’ve dabbled in… yet. This is about the suspense of that terrible, terrifying time, between offering the manuscript you’ve poured your heart, soul and time into and the closing date/ response from whoever that beloved tale has been sent to.

As of yet, we haven’t sent off a full novel manuscript but we have sent off extracts and chapters, along with synopses to a few competitions, plus a script to the BBC as an entry for one of their competition. Which was a rather daunting experience but something we were glad we did, as it proved to us that we could actually write a finished piece.

The waiting and suspense can leave you in a constant state of worry. Worry that the work isn’t good enough, that you’re not good enough.. that they’re laughing at how bad you are. I (Michelle) get like this when I enter art competitions and I get progressively worse if I don’t find something else to focus on to stop the worrying ticking on and on.

I (Loz) am in a way luckier, as artistic endeavour isn’t my only revenue stream and between work and travel that kills ten hours a day. However I do still worry whenever I’m not busy and tend not to sleep. However for the most part I leave Michelle to worry about the deadlines, because I get nasty when I’m stressed, which I know is very mean to my writing partner.

It is a good thing there are two of us because we do stop each other worrying too much. However, the best way to not get bogged down by the suspense; when waiting to hear back from whoever you have sent your precious piece off to; is to simply work on another. That way, you’ll also have something else to send off for the next bout of suspense 😉


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