U is for Untitled

No we’re not messing with you, we’re actually talking about works that start as ideas that aren’t always forthcoming with titles, but still feel the need to be written. A major example of this is a work we have in progress that we referenced in last year’s challenge. A year on it’s still being written but still known as WIP and a reference to where it’s set to act as a differential from the other untitled works we have on googledocs (now called Google Drive), the program we use to write together on.

In fact, the majority of our writing starts off life as ‘Untitled’ or some form of this – Emissaries, for example, started life as UJALP (Untitled Jed and Loz Project). It is quite rare that we come with a title first, or even before we have written a good deal of the story. It has happened but more often than not our WIPs lack titles or have temporary ones.

We find that sometimes having a title might cause you to feel you have to write to fit that title, rather than creating a story and then finding something that fits to it.

How do you choose titles for your work, and do you struggle too?


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