W is for Writing Spaces

Everyone has a specific writing space, right? Not all of us have somewhere serene, with whale song and an inspiring view. Some of us don’t have the room to have separate spaces or prefer a little noise in the background.

The idea of a writing space is that it is meant to be the place that allows us to write in peace, without interruptions or distractions. It can be a place that seems to inspire you, perhaps the view out the window (unless your writing place is outdoors, of course) triggers your creativity more than from anywhere else.

I (Loz) do prefer to write outdoors if the weather’s good enough, but as we live in Britain, which has a tendency to be rainy and cold that is often not possible, and so where I tend to write will probably make most people shudder. Curled up on the recliner in my front room with my cat nearby and some form of noise bouncing around, which doesn’t seem to work for quite a few people.

Now, I (Michelle) don’t live on my own, so am always getting interrupted by someone or other. At the moment I do the majority of my writing in the evening, in a chair in the corner of the living room while the TV is on. I’m a pretty good multi-tasker and watching TV doesn’t seem to distract me, whereas people trying to talk to me during the day does. This is why when I want to write during the day I tend to do better when I have the house to myself. That said, I am in the process of decorating the spare room upstairs so I can disappear up there to write eventually – where hopefully only the cats will distract me.

In an ideal world, both of us would rather have our very own writing shed ala Roald Dahl (as pictured). Who knows, maybe one day we will get this.

Do you have a writing space of your own?


3 thoughts on “W is for Writing Spaces

  1. I write wherever I feel like that day, sometimes on the computer in the study – sometimes in the lounge on the sofa. Never with the dog on me though… In the winter, the study ised to be too cold, but I moved a cupboard,got another and now the radiator has nothing in front it’s much warmer! No WAy could I write in a shed! But a little ambient noise i find helps my mind.

    Congrats on making it to the end, both of you! ~ Liz

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