B – Birth of an idea

canstock6007790Ideas are sneaky little sods. They can come from anywhere at any time. Most writers or artists you speak to keep a note or sketch pad on them at all times, particularly at the side of the bed.
It’s amazing the power that sleep, or trying to sleep can have on the birth and development of ideas. Those moments, or hours, when everything’s quiet and the brain goes mad are often the perfect time to allow an idea to be born, do not let them escape… seeing as you’re already awake and everything.

The above refers to Loz, aka, the one that sleeps, I also tend to get a lot of ideas through dreams. Yes I know it’s wishy-washy, but it’s true.

Sleep tends to have the opposite effect on me (that’s Jed), although I have had ideas come about from dreams as well. But most of my ideas tend to crop up at 3 or 4am while trying to rest. Which is why I have a pen with a light in its nib.


One thought on “B – Birth of an idea

  1. I’ve learned the hard way that if I don’t write the germ of an idea while it’s on my mind, I risk losing it forever. Alas, now I’ll officially cave in to sleep. Looking forward to the read of your A-to-Z journey!

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