C – Calling all cars (or having too many ideas)

projectsLeading on from B… Calling all cars, is us thinking of a way to pick a C.
It actually refers to those times – near enough constantly – that we have too many competing ideas at once. It leads to not enough hours in the day and even though we manage to compartmentalise each idea, sometimes, too many ideas at the same time often push other, less strong (we refuse to say weaker, it’s too negative) ideas to the back of the pile.

We currently have four running ideas, and at least another four on the back burner until we can do something with the stronger ones, which can be frustrating and distracting. Maybe we’re just a little bit too ‘ooh shiny’ for our own good?

Perhaps it would be better to focus on one specific idea at a time but, for some reason, we seem to work best when we focus on two or three at a time. Which we will be trying to keep to for this month… until the next new idea pops up waving a big flag.


2 thoughts on “C – Calling all cars (or having too many ideas)

  1. My roommate and I were the same way – too many ideas, rotating between them. It got to the point where we had a ‘leave it alone!’ notebook where a fleeting idea would be jotted, then said aside until work/other items were done. The good news, whenever there was a moment of writers’ block, the notebook came out and we were fine.

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