F is for Facts

researchOh research, what a bloomin’ joy.

I (Loz) will admit I’m rather lucky when it comes to research. I have an idea, start writing and eventually Jed puts a lead on me. With the research and organisation she’s so painfully put into place, in spite of me running off like a child on too much sugar, and makes sure we keep going in the right direction.

We both know research and validity are incredibly important. There’s nothing more annoying than a plot hole that an author tries to fill with ‘because I said so’ or when you read something and know that they are wrong. Proper research can be a pain in the bum, but it can also fire off new ideas which add depth and colour to your writing – and moreover is an act of ultimate respect for the reader.

Never assume because you’re too lazy to learn the subject properly, that your reader is too.

If you’re going to use facts, make sure you get them right.


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