H is for Hope and glory (or competitions and publishing)

2013-11-21-OnceYouChooseHopeHere’s ‘H’ a day late. Sorry, we know, but illness is biting.

Hope and glory, pretty weird H for a writing blog, huh? So maybe we better explain.
Hope and glory is pretty much the ‘be all and end all’ for most writers, even those of us who have other commitments which mean we can’t write full time. It’s the thrill of entering that competition, just to see if you’re good enough, to see if you get noticed. That’s the hope. The getting noticed is the glory we all aim at. We haven’t really had any glory yet….but there’s always the hope. Two just at the moment.

While we are still working on our novels – as mentioned in previous entries – we have recently started writing some short stories for competitions. Our two current ‘hopes’ are a paranormal short and a crime one. Both have links to two of our larger plot ideas/WIPs and we have another hope. Hope that these shorts will blossom scenes or help flesh out the longer pieces.

So, writers, in fact everyone out there, this is us saying, don’t lose hope and keep aiming for glory…that’s what we’re doing.


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