J is for Jed

nmeAs we have mentioned before, we are a writing partnership between two people. Jed is, obviously, not my real name – it’s Michelle (hence the ‘M’ in our pseudonym) – it comes from my username (Jediya) and has kind of stuck as a nickname with people I know online (and Loz in real life).

Loz refers to me as ‘the one who doesn’t sleep’, which is because I’m a chronic insomniac and live on an average of a few hours, broken, sleep a night (if I sleep at all). But that’s not as bad as it sounds, as too much sleep (i.e. anything over 5 hours) muddles my brain and makes it hard for me to think. I’m weird.
Aside from being an insomniac, I’m a massive Sci-fi and Fantasy geek, I’m eclectic in my hobbies and interests – i.e. creative things like art, photography and writing; along with anything wildlife/nature and working in the Natural History Museum; and sport (both watching and playing). I like knowledge and have been referred to as a ‘sponge’ most of my life because of my need to read and absorb as much information about as many things as possible. Which is very helpful when it comes to writing research. I may be a little bit neurotic and a little bit OCD but it works for me.

Writing and reading wise, I tend to stick to speculative fiction but the odd thriller, crime and adventure book will grab my attention. I’m terrible at choosing single favourites and instead will provide lists. For instance: Who is your favourite author? A list that would be a fair few but the instant to minds ones will always be, Tolkien, H.G. Wells, Michael Crichton and Tom McCaughren. With George R. R. Martin now a steady favourite, even if I swore and called him names whilst reading his books. (When’s the next book, George?)


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