K is for Keeping it Short

LongStoryShort-BlackKeeping it short, is something we truly struggle with. Perhaps it’s the combination of two minds bouncing ideas and firing not only on all cylinders, but on double ones, but we feed off each other to the extent that everything we do (including the short stories we’re currently writing), run far too long.

Even things that don’t really mean anything, tiny ideas that appear and are supposed to be placed on the back burner until we can find time to do something with them or somewhere to use them tend to spiral and become too big for their boots. Probably something to do with being passionate. (see I ‘investment) that proves it’s not really our fault…really

We suppose though, that it may be easier to edit ourselves down rather than trying to fill gaps or add entire scenes to make up the word count. But even that can be a hard thing. This is probably why most of our ideas turn into not just one book, but either trilogies or series… We just can’t help ourselves and our characters seem to want longer stories. So, it’s really their fault, not ours.


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