L is for Loz

nmeLoz…is me. I am the scatty one. I am the less smart one, which Jed will tell you is wrong [M: it is] and it just isn’t. I overuse commas, shit with semicolons. I like urban fantasy. I sleep too much. My job is neither literary or inspiring, but I’m OK at it. I am a cat lady, I like purple, I don’t do the people thing much.

I have a lot of ideas… not all of them are good. I can be witty, when I have the opportunity to edit it, or the set up is right. I’m not all that interesting really. People say my house looks like a pixie house out of a fairy tale. I’m not sure if I’m the witch or not.

I have been writing my whole life, but found it really came to the fore about nine years ago. I have trouble sticking to genres, either to read, write or watch. Put it this way if someone asked me my favourite authors, I’d be torn between four, John Connolly, who if you haven’t read is wonderful, will make you laugh, cry and be terrified, and seems like a nice man. Jim Butcher, creator of Harry Dresden, wizard, private investigator and sex symbol for book geeks, just don’t watch it on the telly…ruins it. Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum, if you haven’t read any, get this crap bounty hunter with man problems into your life, and Jane Austen….perfection

Also I ramble.


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