N is for Nonsense

nonsense-word-unbelievable-untruth-wrong-error-background-d-alphabet-letters-to-illustrate-something-sounds-34058148We all have moments of nonsense, quite often we need them to enable us a little peace, a place to escape the crushing sense of life. Be it laughing at something silly – anyone who hasn’t laughed at the ministry of silly walks cannot reasonably be called British – to in a more creative capacity, such as inventing a language for a fictional world.

We are born with a massive capacity for nonsense, after all what else is play? Where else do imaginary friends come from if not from the nonsense centre of the brain. The trick is to avoid a huge pitfall, never grow out of a daily dose of nonsense…in other words, become a writer, and if you’re lucky…like we are, you can find someone to share your nonsense with.


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