R is for Rest

restWe all need rest sometimes, be it from everything else in the world, or from writing itself. To recharge our batteries, re-balance our minds and prevent burnout. I (Loz again), actually need lumps of time where I see and speak to no one. For my first hour at home, I rarely even turn on the television or radio in order to gain complete quiet, probably as a result of working in a busy, noisy call centre.

Rest from writing is just as important as any kind of rest. It recharges the brain and lessens the chance of ‘writers’ block’. Sometimes, it doesn’t have to mean you stop writing altogether, as we’ve mentioned before, we tend to work on several projects at once, often we will find we have to stop a specific one to allow our brains to refresh for that particular world or plot or even character/s. Right now we’ve finished a first draft of a short story but have put it aside, to be left untouched for a while, before we will return to edit it.

But the major thing you need to remember, is that while there is an associated guilt that comes with resting at times, if you feel a project needs finishing, perhaps a couple of days off is what you need. Health and happiness should always come first.


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