I is for Ivy Tamwood and Indiana Jones



Ivy is actually a character I wasn’t going to write about in a series I was, but then I realised I can still talk about what I wanted to without having to going into detail about a character whose decline into MarySueism infuriates me.

Ivy is a major supporting character in the Hollows series of novels. A vampire who is only partially infected, she is a born vampire, still breathing but infected with the virus of the vampire and tied to a sire. She is exactly what most of us would want to be, a rebel, who leaves behind her family, sire and really the vampiric society at large to work for the supernatural police, before showing her loyal side when she then leaves them to follow and protect her best friend, witch and lets be honest, royal pain in the arse, Rachel Morgan.

Ivy is one among many of my kick ass chicks with superpowers, a bike riding, pheromone secreting enigma, and one of only two characters that actually prevent the book series descending into madness. She is logical, often cold, always smart, sarcastic and just a little bit snappy, she’s yet another good example of the subversion of the vampiric mythos, and she’s a very cool character


The letter ‘I’ brings one character immediately to my mind – Dr. Henry Walton Jones Jr. Or how he is better known, Indiana Jones.

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ was one of the first films I remember watching and Indy one of the first characters I called a favourite. Witty, adventurous, intelligent and handy with a whip, Indiana Jones is the ultimate action hero – he even gets the girl (girls) in the end – but not the ‘perfect’ hero. Indy is fallible, he makes mistakes, gets hurt, is often the butt of his own jokes and is scared of snakes.

Indiana: Snakes. Why’d it have to be snakes?
Sallah: Asps… very dangerous. You go first.

In his day job as a college professor of archaeology, Dr. Jones’ appearance is that of a tweed wearing, bespectacled, almost timid scholar. But compare this to his adventuring alter-ego, Indiana, and this is the appearance that everybody instantly recognises. The leather jacket, the satchel, the bullwhip and, of course, the fedora.

And with talks of a ‘reboot’, I have only one thing to say… There is only one Indiana Jones and he IS Harrison Ford.


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