X is for Xander Harris and the X-Men



Poor Xander, he’s here for the same reason that he’s in the Scooby gang, just because he is. For me he’s here because I couldn’t think of another X (I never watched Xena). He’s the ineffectual one in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While Buffy (see B) is always the Slayer, Giles is always the font of all knowledge, Willow develops into a powerful, if not always good, witch, taught by girlfriend Tara, Oz is a werewolf, Spike and Angel are always kick ass vampires, Alexander (Xander) Leverne Harris is always, just Xander. An underachiever as a student, with absolutely no cool points with women.

But through it all Xander is adorable. He battles the forces of darkness often almost completely unnoticed by those around him and steps comfortably into being a slightly confused grown up long before his best friends do. He even takes on a strong parental role, not just to Dawn -who as an annoying teenager is still a magic key- but to the group as a whole after Joyce dies and Giles returns to England. He get’s jobs for his friends, fixes furniture and saves the world through simply being him.

Yes, Xander has no powers, but he is the one who holds the group together and he’s actually one of the bravest members of the group. He know’s he has no real way to keep himself alive when it all goes down, but he does it anyway.


I struggled to think of a decent ‘X’ character to talk about for this post. Instead, I’ve decided to choose a group of characters.

The X-Men are a group of superheroes in the Marvelverse, consisted of individuals known as ‘mutants’ who have a special gene that causes them to manifest superhuman powers.

Originally founded and conceived by Professor Charles Xavier (Professor X) from students of his ‘School of Gifted Youngsters’, they fight for peace and equality between humans and mutants. Another group of mutants, headed by Magneto – once friend of Xavier’s – called the Brotherhood, do not believe that a peaceful coalition is possible but believe that mutants are the higher evolution of humankind and thus, superior and should rule over regular humans. The Brotherhood are the X-Men’s main adversaries, although on rare occasions they have worked together against common threats.

Since the founding five members of the X-Men – Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman and Marvel Girl/Jean Grey – there have been numerous characters that have been able to call themselves a member of the team. Most people have a couple of favourites but even when certain members leave (in one way or another), the group and name carry on going.


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