Three – It’s a Magic Number

Loz – So, fellow blogonaughts, something absolutely wonderful happened yesterday. We completed the third draft of our first ever complete novel. ‘The Soul Caller’ has become our baby over the last three months, and initially we were incredibly worried we’d have nothing to show for ourselves at the manuscript deadline.

Mich – We have a break of two weeks (due to personal holidays) coming up and then we’ll be back to work refining the book. I recently joined a newly established writers’ group in my area and have read out a couple of our chapters. They seemed to be received well and nobody fell asleep or groaned, so I’d say that was a good sign.

Loz – As of yesterday we have two and a half months to work on a fourth and possibly even fifth drafts. We’re incredibly excited, proud, and tired at this point. Here’s hoping all this hard work allows us to release our work into the world, with proper covers and everything.


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