A New Year, A New Look

So, blog. Yes, we’re trying again. I (Loz) would like to shoulder a lot of the blame for the radio silence in the last year, when a series of evil events outside of my control took most of my life away from me and drained every dreg of creativity. We didn’t even finish NanoWriMo, because of a lot of things. We went from a high, to nothing. This first blog post of 2017 is our attempt to change that, and to get back on track.

There’s not too much to say yet, Jed (Michelle) has made it shiny and I can pick up a book, and a pen (well sit at a keyboard, but pen sounds so much more writerly doesn’t it?) We can now focus on working together again, properly, because for now family members are done dropping down dead unexpectedly. Anyway, enough of that.

We’re back. Today the blog. Tomorrow a fiddle around with the agent’s letter, to tidy up and talk about new work. And next week…? Oh, maybe the world.


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