To Be Read or Not To Be Read

As every avid reader and boo20170130_170425k lover knows, there are many books in the world. Which, evidently leads to the ‘to be read’ (TBR) list. Or pile. Or shelf. Or… room?

Both of us have a ridiculous amount of books, and a good percentage of them fall under TBR.

But with each new shiny cover to tempt us, how do you reduce the pile and stop yourself choosing to read an old favourite instead?

In Michelle’s case, it involved a box and a note block:

         I didn’t trust myself not to argue with a list or shelf order so I went from room to room and wrote down every title that I had yet to read. I then transferred those titles to note block paper. In some cases I wrote an author down (if I had a lot of their books) or a series name. Each paper was folded and thrown into a clear plastic box. Thus, lucky dip TBR became a thing. And as I have witnesses, I can’t argue with the results.

Loz, however, chose a different approach:

          I have not got the patience or the time to sit and write a list… or the box actually. I’d rather spend the time reading, writing our stuff or, at the very least, writing about books I have already read and love or hate, than writing out titles. So I just set a target in my head of a book a week, minimum, or about half of my TBR bookcase and stick it on a spreadsheet with the dates to keep track of what I’m reading when. Yes, my TBR has its own bookcase (OK and a pile on top of the bookcase). Plus at the moment I’m redecorating the room my TBR bookcase/pile lives in, so if I was picking out of a box, I wouldn’t be able to find it in the disaster area which is currently my spare room, so I just grab what I can reach.

As we both are reading a lot, we’re also using this post as a sort of launchpad for a couple of more frequent ones. These will be “Currently Reading” and “Recently Read” just to mix things up a bit and give our thoughts on the books we’re reading.

In the meantime, how do you ‘manage’ your books TBR?

**You can check out Loz’s spreadsheet here, and Michelle’s Goodreads here – if you feel like it, of course.


2 thoughts on “To Be Read or Not To Be Read

  1. Aha!! I also have a TBR bookcase! I am a prolific ‘specials’ buyer. Consequently, my TBR bookcase presently contains material that should keep me occupied for months. Perhaps I should be reading now, instead of replying to blogs!!

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