Resolutions, goals… it must be a New Year


2017 was a pretty good year writing wise. We went to conventions together for the first time (Edge-Lit, GollanczFest, Sledge-Lit) and we accumulated some great advice, specific and general. Now it’s 2018 and we’ve decided to put up our ‘resolutions’ and goals (collaboration wise and individually). If we only achieve one or two of them, then we’ll take that as a success. 

Our New Year’s writing resolutions are:

  • To redraft our first novel The Soul Caller based on what we’ve learned and submit to editors/agents/publishers and competitions
  • To edit the second novel in that series In The Blood
  • To come up with a name for said series
  • To write the first draft of The Seventh Son the first in our Emissaries series
  • Schedule/time manage better so we can actually do this stuff.
  • To do more conventions!! (fun stuffs)
  • To actually do the bloody blog properly

For them, who knows. Doing that with one of us on a full time job, the other working from home with weekend work at times, along with family/home commitments that might actually take us more than one year.

L’s individual resolutions are:

  • To read more, including more non-fiction and outside my usual favourite journals- for research.
  • To RP (role play) more with more people to learn and use more styles and genres
  • To take at least one writing course
  • To write more individually (because I really don’t, because I find it scary without M because she’s better than me)
  • To submit shorts
  • To beat myself up less

M’s individual resolutions are:

  • To read more (that TBR box is not going to go down by itself)
  • To manage my time better with all aspects of work (museum, art, writing) so as not to stress myself out like previous years.
  • To be less stressed
  • To write and submit shorts
  • To stop having internal arguments and talking myself out of things
  • Try to rest more

Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2018? Writing or otherwise, maybe we can try and help each other achieve them.

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