Feline Helpers



We decided to start keeping up with one of our resolutions, “to blog better”, with a fun one. This is about our personal feline overlords (who are actually girls). As stated in our Twitter bio and About Us, we’re cat ladies.


MooL is staff to Moo (see pic to the right). She is a rescue cat who came into my life six years ago when she was 1-ish, and I’ve never met another cat more like a labrador. She’s a shadow follower, and bed hogger, and prodigious snorer. She wakes herself up farting and likes to sneak lettuce and cabbage (yes, really). She doesn’t do outdoors, unless I’m out there too and occasionally gets attached to furniture.

She likes to help by watching me write peering over my shoulder, and occasionally offering noisy comments on what I have to say. She’s a pain in the arse and I adore her.


Fiver and Copper

M, meanwhile, is owned by two fluffballs called Fiver and Copper (see pic to the left). Two sisters who came together from a foster home after their mother rejected Copper and Fiver followed her sister to look after her – which she still does after three years.
Fiver is the perfect feline, lithe, agile, scarily intelligent and loves to play with stuffed rats, ping pong balls and water. Yes, water. She also sulks big time when I pack my overnight bag for work or visiting L. Then, proceeds to sit on it as soon as I get home so I can’t use it again.
Copper is, well, Copper. She’s not a very good cat and shows a lot of dog behaviour – including pushing her head into your shin so you can ruffle her fur. If you’re a Star Wars fan think a porg crossed with BB-8.
She loves playing with anything, sometimes all at once, but also loves watching TV (particularly cartoons and football) and me playing video games (continuously getting in the way while playing Lego Star Wars). She also likes lavender, the weirdo.

So, these are our feline ‘helpers’. Fellow writers with cats, why not tell us a bit about yours?

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