Our Favourite Writers – Part 2: M’s

Part two, of the ‘Favourite Writers’ and it’s my (M’s) turn. Like L wrote last week, favourites are hard. But before I think too much I always go with J.R.R. Tolkien.  I read ‘The Lord of the Rings’ before I was ten and it fuelled my thirst for fantasy and other realms. While I like epic…Read more Our Favourite Writers – Part 2: M’s

Our Favourite Writers – Part 1: L’s

Also known as ‘how the hell did they gel enough to write together in the first place?’ (Which we will cover in a later post.) I (L) am a wide and eclectic reader, with a degree in literature. I essentially will read the side of a cereal packet if there isn’t anything else available. I…Read more Our Favourite Writers – Part 1: L’s

Feline Helpers

  We decided to start keeping up with one of our resolutions, "to blog better", with a fun one. This is about our personal feline overlords (who are actually girls). As stated in our Twitter bio and About Us, we’re cat ladies.   L is staff to Moo (see pic to the right). She is…Read more Feline Helpers

Resolutions, goals… it must be a New Year

2017 was a pretty good year writing wise. We went to conventions together for the first time (Edge-Lit, GollanczFest, Sledge-Lit) and we accumulated some great advice, specific and general. Now it's 2018 and we've decided to put up our 'resolutions' and goals (collaboration wise and individually). If we only achieve one or two of them,…Read more Resolutions, goals… it must be a New Year

The Edge-Lit Effect

So, this one will be slightly different, as normally we come at things from the angle of a shared brain. Not this time.  On Saturday 15th July, we went to Edge-Lit Derby and Loz was indoctrinated into a new world. Michelle has already been to a few of these type of events, including GollanczFest 2016.…Read more The Edge-Lit Effect

Recently Read #01

We did mention in our last post (To Be Read or Not to Be Read) that we would start to add a few short, mid-month, posts to our blog titled 'Currently Reading' and 'Recently Read'. So here is our first one, courtesy of Loz. "Recently, I have read the ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children Trilogy…Read more Recently Read #01