About Us

As a writing partnership, using the pseudonym L.M. Towton – a combination of our names (but coincidentally a battle during the Wars of the Roses) – we have been friends for over ten years and have been writing together for five years now.

We live 139 miles apart, are both in our early thirties, self-confessed geeks/nerds and owned by cats.

Lauren Towers (L) is from Nottingham with a degree in literature and linguistics and has previously worked as an emergency call taker for the police and currently working within the energy industry. She’s also a master of living disabled and mentally ill, but it’s not all she is. She is an avid reader, drag queen devotee and currently slightly obsessed with emoji blitz (you haven’t lived until you’ve sworn at Jiminy Cricket).

Michelle Sutton (M) is from Greater London and a founding member of Barking Writers’ Group. She is also an artist and works as an events assistant, at the Natural History Museum in London, as well as volunteering in the botany (specifically lichens) and the entomology (Soil Biodiversity Group) departments. Recently, she has got back into playing football and running. Also an avid reader, possible video game addict (her cat, Copper, particularly likes Lego: Star Wars) and very likely to quote ‘The Lord of the Rings’ or ‘Monty Python’ for no apparent reason.

In 2015, we entered and were shortlisted in the Arts Council funded ‘Pen to Print Project’ for our first novel ‘The Soul Caller’. We were lucky enough to be professionally mentored through the editing process. With a completed manuscript and boosted confidence, we are now embarking on the scary journey of submitting ‘The Soul Caller’ to agents, while editing the sequel ‘In the Blood’ and finishing a third, unrelated, novel.

You can follow us on Twitter @LM_Towton – which is mostly managed by Michelle (M) but if the tweet is marked with an ~L at the end, that’s Lauren (L)

We are also on Facebook – which is mostly managed by L. We will accept friend requests from people we know or already follow on Twitter. Leave us a message if you do send us a request.

Finally, we both play around on Instagram.


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